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Eunice Lindsay Director & Producer
Harvest Christian Fellowship-
Event Organiser/Coordinator/Trainer/Lead Singer
  • Planned and organised events (Concerts/ Plays & Drama)

  • Occasionally assisted in planning and coordinate events organised by  church.

  • Edited videos for plays on stage. 

  • Coordinated with multimedia department in producing film for events and workshops.

  • Performed or led congregation in singing on stage

  • Made vocal arrangement for each song.

  • Edited Music tracks for performances.

Little Mustard Seed Music & Art Centre-

Music Editor/Vocal Coach//Office Assistant


  • Trained singers individually

  • Acted as freelance singer

  • Worked on recording and music editing 

  • Helped in management of interviewing, task delegation and scheduling  

eCapture Director 2019
  • Film Production for docu-films, feature films, short films, Music videos stc.

  • Video shooting and editing for events such as weddings, birthdays, parties, business events ,blogs, YouTube channels , promotion, Adverts etc.

  • Graphic design- Logo, banner and cover for businesses, social media.



A powerful docufilm examining the lives of 5 people - a Widow, a Martial Arts expert, a Tailor, a Sniper and an Aid Worker. Five people whose broken lives could so easily have ended in tragedy each have a supernatural encounter which transforms them and changes the course of their lives. A powerful and gripping new docufilm which will encourage, challenge and inspire. An ECAPTURE production.

channel etc.


Based on true life story: The story of Joy is the most intriguing parallel shift from the physical to the spiritual realm. The alternating realities gives a bird view of the transfiguration of Jesus as described in the canonical gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It shows  the perfection of life in heaven. It is a pivotal moment where human nature meets God and we intend to dramatize and eloquently draw this scene blow by blow. The afflictions faced by Joy who is the protagonist of the film are manifestations from a spiritual nature, relegating the dark forces as the antagonist. The pith of the film however leaning on Isaiah 59:19, When the enemy comes like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight. 

Advertisement Videos & Music Videos 2020-2022

Let's Take A Ride 2020

Great Commission Society Podcast 2020

Bridal Business Promo 2021

TMMP Awards 2021Grand Opening

Wedding 2021

Like A Flood movie trailer 2021

Eagle's Threshing Floor Women Event 2022

Fall Afresh- Manelli Hawley's Gospel Music Video 2022

Evening Breeze- San Mi Music Video 2023

Who The Healthcare in UK project documentary trailer -2023



Interpersonal Skills: works well with others, sensitive, supportive, motivates others, shares credit, counsels, cooperates, delegates effectively, represents others, understands feelings, self-confident, accepts responsibility; Flexible: Manageable, adaptable.  

Multimedia Presentation Skills: Video & Photo Editing ( Software: Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Adobe Premier Pro)

Music Editing (Software: Cool Edit Pro, ~Garage Band, Focusrite)


Language Skills: Speaks & writes in English, Chinese & Malay


SM Convent St.Cecilia High School

Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE)(SPM)
The SPM is equivalent to the British GCSE, and provides the opportunity for Malaysians to continue their studies to pre-university level.

Trinity Rockschool
-Certificate of Excellence Vocal 2013- Grade 8
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