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The Great Cloud Ministry
Christian Film Production Platform
Promoting Film Based On True Life Stories

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At The Great Cloud, we believe in the power of storytelling and strive to showcase inspiring true-life stories that spread the message of faith and hope. Our platform is dedicated to promoting Christian films, and we partner with Ecapture to bring you some of the most impactful stories in the format of short films, documentaries, and reels.

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Our project includes:


MINS TO TELL IT- 5mins (3 days/​​ including 1 min reel/​​ and promoting your reels in all of eCapture & TGC social media platform & film festivals) - £200.00


2 Short Film- 10-35mins (3 months/​​ 2 man production/​​ package including 1 trailer/​​ promoting on all eCapture & TGC social media platform & film festivals) - £2,500.00 (* payment can be made by instalment)


3 Feature Documentary film-1 hr + (1 year project/​​ 3 man production/​​package including 2 trailers/​​ Film premiere/​​promoting on all eCapture & TGC social media platforms & film festivals) - £5,000.00 (*payment can be made by instalment)

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