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Welcome to my website

Here's a bit about me. I am a video/ film director and producer based in London . It is my passion to CAPTURE

the moments and visions and make it come alive . I love to create videos that tells stories and get engaged with viewers. I am especially passionate about film based on true life story. My first film is called The Great Cloud, in which you will hear my own story and the story of 4 other people on how we overcame our struggles in life. 

I am also a singer songwriter .When I am free I love to sing and play guitar.  These two things inspires me to do what I do;- PEOPLE & MUSIC.

A great story is one that engages & captivates the hearts. And I intend to capture that vision and project it on every screen in the world.

Take a look at MY JOURNEY, MY WORK & MY SKILLS. Feel free to leave a message on CONTACT if you need my service. I will get back to you ASAP. 

Also, drop by the Camera section , if you are a videographer or photographer or blogger or journalist ... beginner or professional , looking for idea of what kind of camera suits your NEEDS & BUDGET. I have a few tips & selections for you.

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