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Story telling could be very interesting if effects were added into the video content! Most video bloggers (vloggers) will tell you that it is not easy to create a video content that would hold viewer's attention. In fact, as an audience myself, if the first 10 secs of the video does not interest me, I would skip the rest. It's tough, but it's true. Therefore, adding video effects into your video content is essential. It makes your video comes alive and more interesting! It boosts the rates of your video views. Here's a few example of how effects can help build your content:

Liquid pop ups effect -from Motion Element

You'll find most Korean TV shows uses lots of interesting motion graphics and elements and stickers and sound effects to capture the audience's attention.

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Yes, it is a lot of work to add all those effects and elements in every details of the content. However, the most important part of a video blog is the intro and the outro. A little pop ups in between would be cool!

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So there you go , with effects , Vloggers can go a long way in building amazing content. Of course, it's not just about the video effects, there are other factors as well , such as, the quality of video, the content itself , the presenter and etc.

1000 Elements. Graphics Tool Pack. (Transitions, Typography, Footages, and much more)

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